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Company Highlights

Soil is a key input in the $38B cannabis market (2025); Few players earn organic certifications.

Positive Company Growth

  • 40% YoY Revenue Growth in 2019 and 2020
  • 50% YoY Revenue Growth 1H21

Strong Position in Highly Fragmented, Rapidly Growing Market

  • Established, certified organic product -- authentic brand from renowned Emerald Triangle growing region of Southern Oregon.

Blue Chip Management and Experienced Team

  • Management has scaled businesses at Procter & Gamble and Etsy; Co-chairman have a combined 60+ years in private equity and building companies.

Aiming to Capture Market Upside

Together the adult-use (recreational) and medical cannabis markets are growing at over 25% annually and will reach nearly $38 billion by 2025. 20 states allow for home grow, adding billions to potential dollars to the soil and amendment market.
Retail sales of hemp, from which CBD is derived, is expected to increase from $0.6 billion in 2018 to $22 billion by 2025 (Brightfield Group). The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the "Farm Bill") legalized hemp farming nationally.
36 states medical, 17 states recreational marijuana. 20 states and Washington DC allow for home grow.
Cannabis provides nearly 400K jobs throughout the US.
  1. Adding Hemp to the total, the US market will exceed $60B by 2025.
  2. Combined 24% CAGR.


Organic living soils and nutrients support healthy plant growth.


Soils sequester carbon, helping combat climate change.

High Yields

Soils are engineered to produce high-yielding harvests.


Consistent product quality delivers reliable results.


Growers using GEO capture more margin.
Source: Rand, Company estimates; Marijuana Business Daily, 2016
  1. Organic soil market expected to exceed $3.3 billion by 2025 – tripling from today.
  2. 59% of growers are entirely organic. – MJ Biz Daily
  3. Growers are converting to organic because of market demand, safety and increased regulation.
  1. Two blending operations and retail locations in the Emerald Triangle of OR and CA where most of the cannabis produced in the U.S. market comes from.
  2. GEO has a strong brand among its thousands of wholesale and retail customers as the trusted organic soil choice for growers seeking the greatest yields and the purest plants.
  1. Capture cannabis and hemp market growth of over 25% annually for the next 5 years.
  2. Compete in a widely fragmented, undercapitalized market.
  3. Be part of a national rollout of proven, proprietary products in both wholesale and retail channels.
CanadaPeat Moss
India, Sri LankaCoco Coir
Indonesia; Malaysia; VietnamBat Guano
PeruSeabird Guano
GEO has fostered long-established global product sourcing relationships while most other players go through 3rd-party distributors.
Our organic products support each of the three primary cannabis growing methods: outdoor, indoor/greenhouse, and hydroponic. We also offer our products in a variety of sizes to support all scales of cannabis and hemp cultivation.
Consistent, organic proprietary formulations have made GEO a trusted brand among cannabis and hemp growers.
See Team Members

Tony Luciano

Chief Executive Officer, Board Director
  • 25+ year career leading the commercialization of B2C and B2B businesses.

  • Led and grew large (e.g., >$250M at Procter & Gamble / others) as well as startup to smaller/entrepreneurial companies in the health and wellness space.
  • MBA Harvard (with Tim Clark & Tim Brien).
  • BS Trinity College.

Liz Wald

CEO & Board Director
  • 25+ year career building early-stage e-commerce marketplaces, e.g., AOL, Etsy, Indiegogo.

  • Expertise in global expansion, strategy, operations, and team building.
  • Founded own company working with women in Africa.
  • MBA Kellogg Business School.
  • BA Harvard University.
  • 10+ years experience growing cannabis; 2019was the first year for hemp plantings and product trials.

  • Expert knowledge inorganic crop inputs and production.
  • Six years with the company; oversees soil production and deliveries, inventory management, and operations staffing.
  • Manages new product development and testing.

Trevor Nelson


Travis Parker

  • A passion for horticulture and 25 years of accounting and finance experience.

  • Deep manufacturing experience in the steel and cabinet production industries.
  • Laser-focused on cost containment and accretive growth.
  • B.S. in Business and Economics, WesternOregon University.

Scott Morrison

Director, Investor Relations
  • 25+ years of experience with institutional and private investors.

  • Research sales roles at several major Wall Street Firms including Salomon Brothers, Schroder Wertheim, and Credit Suisse.
  • Founded and managed several successful independent research firms, and a private placement broker-dealer.
  • MBA Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.
  • BA Wake Forest University.
  • 6 years organic medical cannabis, hemp, hops, and food crops production.

  • Deep knowledge in organic gardening practices, processes, and inputs.
  • Oversee sales team, wholesale operations, logistics, and front of house staffing.
  • Create all-new product recipes, manage R&D trials.
  • BA Oregon State University with a focus on water resource management.

Carly Culin

Sales Manager
  • Grew a guitar manufacturer s from $5M to $20M through national distribution.

  • Previous cannabis experience working as a director of operations at a licensed farm.
  • International experience building a design and marketing company in Costa Rica.
  • A passionate gardener and long-time personal customer of Good Earth Organics.

Kyle Eggum

Business Development Manager
  • 6 years with the company; manage all marketing assets and customer facing online instances.

  • Nearly 15 years experience growing organic medical cannabis; Gaia’s Gift soil user since its inception.
  • Educated and trained for this industry by Good Earth Organics founder, Roy Leon.

Lee Spivey

Marketing Manager
    • Founded the company in 2008 having been a life long organic gardener.

    • Formal training in chemistry provided the knowledge to formulate organic blends.
    • Remains an active advisor to the company and mentor to the operating team.

    Roy Leon

    Founder, Lifelong Organic Farmer
    • Purchased the company in 2016 seeing the potential for building a category leader.

    • Decades-long career acquiring founder-owned companies facing the next stage post founder retirement.
    • Previously worked for Blackstone Group, Joseph, Littlejohn & Levy, and Bear Stearns Merchant Banking.
    • MBA Harvard Business School (classmate with Tim Brien).
    • BA Bucknell University.

    Tim Clark

    • 30+ year career investing in and growing businesses.

    • Experience building and empowering executive management teams.
    • Has made investments on behalf of the Disney family, CS First Boston, and Bear Stearns.
    • MBA Harvard Business School (classmate with Tim Clark).

    Tim Brien